Libertarians say you must be able to live your life however you
like, as long as you don’t infringe anyone else’s equal right to
live theirs.  Live and let live.  Like most Americans, Jim is fiscally
responsible and socially tolerant.  He strongly defends 2nd
Amendment rights.

Like most of us, Jim is fed up with the “establishment” career
politicians who keep raising our taxes while voting themselves
automatic pay increases with cushy benefits and pensions we can
only dream of.  Jim will work to limit all legislators to a salary and
a mileage allowance ONLY – just as Article II, Section 8, of the
Pennsylvania Constitution already specifies.

PA’s spending has grown at more than twice the rate of
inflation for the last fifty years!  Politicians need to be reminded
that budgets can be balanced by cutting spending instead of
always increasing taxes.  Jim wants to entirely eliminate school
property taxes and give parents total school choice and control.