There are lots of issues.  I am a Libertarian.  I support the platform of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania.  You can find that information at: LPPA Platform

As you can tell from my “What Is a Libertarian” page, we Libertarians want to maximize both our social freedoms and our economic freedoms.  No government should be dictating what we can or can’t do in our private lives, as long as we don’t infringe on other peoples’ equal rights.  A truly free market economic system works best and governments should not be confiscating nearly as much of what we earn.  On average, we work about 30% of our time just to support our governments.  That’s like being a slave for 30% of our lives!  Of course, governments need some operating resources, but it certainly should require less than 10% of our earnings.

THE  #1  ISSUE  –  I think one critical issue overrides all the rest.  We have lost control of our own governments and need to retake that control.

Our Pennsylvania General Assembly is firmly under the control of a group of career politicians.  They run the government primarily to benefit themselves and to stay in power.  They have staffs, paid for by us taxpayers, which do their grunt work.  We have a perfect example of a career politician right here in our 98th district.

There are both Republican and Democrat career politicians and they swap power tag-team style every
several years.  This is not to say there are no good people in our legislature.  But there are enough career drones to keep the key leadership positions firmly under their control.

A great example of how things work is the recent “handling” of the gerrymandering problem.  There were bills in the House and Senate to fix the problem.  There was widespread public support.  The House version was gutted in committee so that the politicians would still be in control of redistricting. (Bills which would weaken politicians’ control frequently are gutted or never get out of committee.)  The Senate bill (SB22) actually made it through the Senate, but was tabled in the House.  Now, it’s too late to get the required Constitutional amendment on the November ballot, so there can be no reform for the next redistricting.

This sort of thing (and there are many variations) is not accidental.  It’s carefully choreographed to allow politicians to get on the record as supporting reforms, but then (aww, gee and shucks) the reforms don’t happen for one reason or another (never the fault of any specific politician, of course).

All career politicians put on an amazing charade of trying to help us citizens.  They are experts at deflecting uncomfortable issues with BS.  This all looks good on the surface and is effective since few people pay enough attention to look into details.  About 90% of incumbents are re-elected.  In about half the races for state representative, there is only one name on the ballot.  That’s no choice at all. You can’t say you “won” an election if you were the only option.

THIS election, we do have choices in the 98th district.  Please consider your vote carefully.